Website Development Cost in 2022

Website Development Cost in 2022

In many ways, asking “how much does a website cost?” is like asking “how much does a website cost?” is like inquiring, “How much does a house cost?” 

That is, the answer is highly dependent on the person who is asking the question, as well as their needs and preferences. What is the location? How many bedrooms? What style do you prefer? You understand… 

However, given how much easier it is to construct a website in 2022 compared to the past, you might be amazed at how affordable it can be… if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty! 

We’ll start by answering “how much does a website cost?” And what packages you can opt for! 

What Do You Need To Pay For?

When it comes to the price of a website, there are two broad areas to consider:

  • Infrastructure— It refers to the underpinnings of your website’s operation. Software, hosting, and domain names, to mention a few. 
  • Design and functionality— This refer to anything that your visitors will interact with, such as your site’s design and functionality.

There’s also the question of whether you want to hire someone to set everything up for you or whether you want to do it yourself. 

Let’s start with the necessary costs of a website (i.e., what you’d have to pay if you built it yourself). Then we’ll talk about how much it might cost to have someone else design your website.

Backend Infrastructure

When developing a website, there are three major backend infrastructure costs to consider:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting 
  • Website software/content management system

Domain name: Rs 599/year

The permanent address of your website on the Internet is its domain name; ours is

A domain registrar will sell you your domain name. 

The cost of your domain is determined by the TLD, which is the component that appears after your name – for example, “.com,” “.net,” and so on. A standard “.com” domain, on the other hand, will usually set you back Rs499 to 699. To keep ownership, you’ll have to pay this Rs650 every year. 

Website software— free or Rs 999

The great majority of websites today aren’t built from the ground up. Instead, you’ll utilize a content management system, which is pre-made website software. 

More than 35% of all websites on the Internet, for example, are driven by a single piece of software – WordPress. Yes, that number is as insane as it sounds: WordPress is used by more than one-third of all websites on the Internet. 

Beyond being incredibly adaptable, one of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is because the software is 100 percent free. You won’t have to pay anything for your website software if you utilize WordPress. Note that we’re referring to’s free open-source software, not; the two are not the same.

Hosting – Rs 399 per month at first, then more as your site grows. 

When you pay for hosting, you’re effectively renting computer space to run your website and make it accessible to people from all over the world. 

If you choose a website builder like Squarespace or Wix, the cost of hosting is already included in the purchase, so you won’t have to pay more. 

However, if you want to install and use self-hosted software like WordPress or other free content management systems like Joomla or Drupal, you’ll need to buy your own hosting.

Summary of website infrastructure costs – As low as Rs 4999 

To summarise, paying for your website’s backend infrastructure for a year will cost you: 

  • If you self-host WordPress, you’ll pay Rs 4999, which includes a free domain from Bluehost, free WordPress software, and hosting. 
  • Rs 10,000+ for a website builder – Rs 40000 for a domain name and Rs 9000+ for a year of service.

Theme design

What causes this to happen? One of the major advantages of utilizing a content management system like WordPress is that you can change the style of your website using pre-built “themes,” rather than having to start from scratch. 

With a few clicks, you’ll be able to install a theme. Then, using a user-friendly interface, you may change the theme to suit your preferences. 

WordPressSquarespaceWix, and other website software solutions all provide both free and premium themes. 

So, if you’re on a budget, choosing a free choice is perfectly safe and acceptable. The free Zelle Lite theme is used on the first site, and the free Hestia Lite theme is used on the second site. 

Here’s what you may anticipate paying if you find a premium theme you like: 

  • WordPress – The average price of a WordPress theme is Rs4000, though this varies depending on the theme. 
  • Squarespace and Wix – normally cost more than Rs 7000. 

Furthermore, free WordPress page builder plugins like Elementor can help you improve your design, even more, using drag-and-drop visual editing.

Functionality of the website – Is it free? 

Because so much depends on your demands, this is the category with the most variation. 

Almost all of the key website builder features, like themes, allow you to add functionality to your site via third-party extensions. These are usually referred to as “plugins” or “apps.” 

Like themes, these are available in both free and premium packages. The official plugin directory, for example, has over 55,000 free plugins.

You might be able to get away with using only free solutions for a very simple website. 

Most sites, regardless of whether they’re built with WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix, will require at least a few expensive extensions. 

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